Creative Problem Solving: 
A Step-by-Step Approach

Robert A. Harris
September 9, 2004

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Creative Problem Solving: A Step-by-Step Approach
Robert A. Harris
Los Angeles: Pyrczak Publishing, 2002
ISBN 1-884585-43-4. 106 pp., paper.

This book stresses the practical use of imagination in problem solving. It will help you sharpen the skills you need to solve unstructured problems—problems that require a thoughtful and creative approach. Structured problems such as X + 2 = 4 can be solved by learning the appropriate steps. However, unstructured problems such as how to increase revenue in a struggling bookstore or how to increase the fuel efficiency of a car must first be explored and defined. Then their solutions must be constructed through a combination of imagination and analysis. Most of the activities of our lives boil down to problem solving of one kind or another. This book will  help you become a better problem solver in every area of your life.
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Creative Problem Solving

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Creative Problem Solving Contents


Chapter 1   Creative Thinking As a Problem-Solving Tool
1.1 What is creative thinking?
1.2 Why is creative thinking important to problem solving?
1.3 Creative problem-solving methods

Chapter 2   The Creative-Thinking Outlook
2.1 Negative attitudes as blocks to creativity
2.2 Misconceptions as blocks to creativity
2.3 Inflexibility as a block to creativity
2.4 Attitudes that strengthen creativity
2.5 Behaviors that strengthen creativity

Chapter 3   Identifying Problems
3.1 What is a problem?
3.2 Inhibitors to effective problem solving
3.3 Causation

Chapter 4   The Problem-Solving Cycle 1: Exploring the Problem
4.1 Define the problem
4.2 Articulate the assumptions
4.3 Use a 360-degree approach

Chapter 5   The Problem-Solving Cycle 2: Establishing Goals
5.1 The necessity of goals
5.2 The importance of values
5.3 Consider ideal goals
5.4 Establish specific, practical goals

Chapter 6   The Problem-Solving Cycle 3: Generating Ideas
6.1 Associative techniques
6.2 Analytic techniques
6.3 Creative questions
6.4 Brainstorming
6.5 Role playing

Chapter 7   The Problem-Solving Cycle 4: Choosing the Solution
7.1 What is a solution?
7.2 Stop-it solutions
7.3 Mop-it solutions
7.4 Solution paths
7.5 Consequence analysis
7.6 Selection

Chapter 8   The Problem-Solving Cycle 5: Implementing the Solution
8.1 Acceptance and the management of change
8.2 Solution implementation plans

Chapter 9   The Problem-Solving Cycle 6: Evaluating the Solution
9.1 Analyze the implementation
9.2 Determine needed changes
9.3 Review the problem environment

Appendix A   Creative Thinking Activities
A.1 Uses for
A.2 Improvements to
A.3 What is it?
A.4 Writing captions
A.5 What iffing

Appendix B   Brainstorming Activities
B.1 New names
B.2 Empty the glass
B.3 No counterfeits

Appendix C   Problem-Solving Activities
C.1 Analyzing a solution
C.2 A familiar problem
C.3 Many solutions


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