The Integration of Faith and Learning

Additional Discussion Questions: Chapter 12
The Christian Touchstone

Robert A. Harris
Version Date: July 16, 2004

These questions refer to Chapter 12 of  Robert A. Harris, The Integration of Faith and Learning (Eugene, OR: Cascade Books, 2004). Numbers in parentheses refer to page numbers in the book. In addition to the "Questions for Thought and Discussion" at the end of the chapter, use these questions for additional discussion.

1. Why is ridicule such a common "weapon" against disfavored ideas? (272-273)

2. What kind of integrative support network do you have or do you foresee developing? (273)

3. What strategies do you have for presenting Christian truth in or out of the classroom? Which would you like to develop? (274-275)

4. Define Christophobia and explain its moral, political, and emotional dimensions. (276-279)

5. How are Christian scholars and thinkers partly to blame for the marginalization of Christian ideas in the academy? (280-281)

6. What should be the role of Christian scholars? (281-282)

7. In what sense is the Christian worldview a touchstone? (282-283)

8. Why is the "revitalization of the connection between faith and intellect" important? (283)

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