The Integration of Faith and Learning

Additional Discussion Questions: Chapter 5
Worldview Foundations

Robert A. Harris
Version Date: July 1, 2004

These questions refer to Chapter 5 of  Robert A. Harris, The Integration of Faith and Learning (Eugene, OR: Cascade Books, 2004). Numbers in parentheses refer to page numbers in the book. In addition to the "Questions for Thought and Discussion" at the end of the chapter, use these questions for additional discussion.

1. Define "worldview" in your own words. What is included in a worldview? (77-78)

2. How would you explain the concept of ontology to someone? (78-79)

3. What are some of the foundational principles in your own ontological set?

4. Discuss the conflict over the assumption of God versus the assumption of atheism. (80-84)

5. Discuss the issue of the reasonableness of theistic claims. (81)

6. How would you explain the argument over evidence for the existence of God to a non-Christian? (82-83)

7. Why do naturalists/materialists and postmodernists want to "exclude God" from the arena of academic knowledge? (84-87)

8. How do some non-Christian ideas help fill a religious or spiritual hunger in those who reject Christian faith or any theistic faith? (86-87)

9. Can you think of examples from your own educational experience where unwelcome evidence was excluded from discussion? Can you think of examples where unwelcome evidence was dismissed with scorn, name calling, or dismissive labeling (for example, "creationist drivel")?

10. What is a moral issue behind the materialism versus Christian worldview conflict? (91-92)

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