The Integration of Faith and Learning

Additional Discussion Questions: Chapter 7
The Worldview of Postmodernism

Robert A. Harris
Version Date: July 7, 2004

These questions refer to Chapter 7 of  Robert A. Harris, The Integration of Faith and Learning (Eugene, OR: Cascade Books, 2004). Numbers in parentheses refer to page numbers in the book. In addition to the "Questions for Thought and Discussion" at the end of the chapter, use these questions for additional discussion.

1. What is the postmodernist view of reason and language, and how does that view compare to the Christian view? (136-137)

2. Describe the postmodernist "focus on opposition." (137)

3. In what sense do many postmodernist ideas consist of exaggeration with a kernel of truth? Give an example or two. (138-142)

4. In your view, is postmodernism an extension of modernism (that is, is it hypermodernism), or is it different in kind from modernism? Explain why or in what ways. (143-145)

5. What method did Gramsci propose for taking over a country? To what extent do you see this method in practice in the US today? (147-148)

6. Why are postmodernists hostile toward science? (151)

7. What does is mean to say that postmodernism is "anti-foundational"? (152-155)

8. What is cultural relativism and why is it harmful? (Include humanitarian, epistemological, and religious reasons.) (157-158)

9. In what ways is radical feminism hostile toward Christianity? (161-162)

10. Why is postmodernism especially appealing to a self-indulgent, self-centered culture?

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