The Integration of Faith and Learning

Additional Discussion Questions: Chapter 8
The Worldview of Christianity

Robert A. Harris
Version Date: July 7, 2004

These questions refer to Chapter 8 of  Robert A. Harris, The Integration of Faith and Learning (Eugene, OR: Cascade Books, 2004). Numbers in parentheses refer to page numbers in the book. In addition to the "Questions for Thought and Discussion" at the end of the chapter, use these questions for additional discussion.

1. What are some of the sources we use for developing a Christian worldview? (169-170)

2. Explain why "no worldview is neutral about God" and discuss the implications of this fact in relation to knowledge and belief. (172)

3. How is the Christian worldview more fully encompassing of reality than either naturalism or postmodernism? (172-174)

4. What is the role of reason in building a Christian worldview? (175)

5. What logical issue arises from denying the effectiveness or possibility of reason? (175-176)

6. The disagreement over whether human nature is fixed or can be changed is at the heart of much of the worldview conflict. What are the implications of each position? (176-178)

7. What factors are necessary for a stable ethical system? (179)

8. In what sense is pride an obstacle to identifying and solving the "problem of humanity"? (181)

9. Define hermeneutics and explain its importance for gaining accurate Biblical knowledge. (182)

10. Explain the difference between saying that the Bible is literally true and that it is free from error in its teachings. (Hint: See "Message Versus Method," pp. 183-184.)

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