Books of Interest for the Integration of Faith and Learning

Robert A. Harris
Version Date: January 5, 2005 

In the process of writing my book, The Integration of Faith and Learning: A Worldview Approach, I have made use of many helpful books. I thought some of them might be of interest to others engaged in the process of integration. In addition to the books I consulted while writing my integration book, I include here other books I have since come across or learned about that might be helpful.

Books about Integration
This section lists books specifically about the integration of faith and learning.

Books Related to Critical Thinking
The books in this section are helpful for developing critical thinking skills, the skills of analysis, interpretation, and evaluation. They will also help you gain ain understanding of how information is created, processed, and accepted or rejected. These books cover thinking skills in general and do not relate to the integration process specifically.

Books Related to the Christian Worldview
The books in this section cover some aspect of the Christian worldview or apologetics.

Books Related to Hermeneutics
An accurate understanding of the Bible is crucial for good integration. The following books provide guidelines for interpreting biblical texts.

Books Related to Bridge Issues
The key intellectual and cultural struggle today is over what it means to be human. Are we the accidental products of a mindless material process or have we been created in the image of God and by God? Currently, Darwinian evolution is the main proxy issue used to fight the conflict over this answer. Here are some books of interest relating to that and other similar issues.

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