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for Robert Cialdini's Influence: Science and Practice

Robert Harris
Version Date: June 13, 2000

Match the example with the principle of compliance. Two answers will be used twice.

_____ 1. Buy now before itís too late.

_____ 2. Weíll give you a free dinner and Las Vegas show tickets just for listening to our timeshare presentation.

_____ 3. If you wonít give us a ten percent raise, then, how about a five percent raise and extra medical benefits?

_____ 4. Enter our Satisfied Customer contest today. Just write out in twenty-five words why you are satisfied with our product. Then put your entry in the box to win a new bread maker!

_____ 5. All my friends got a Route 66 tattoo on their foreheads, so I got one too.

_____ 6. Letís see if we can make this deal. Iíll do my best to help you get the price you want for this car. Iíll even yell at my sales manager if necessary. Believe me, Iím on your side. Donít think of me as a used car salesman; think of me as your friend.

_____ 7. I think Iíll take the advice of the guy in the suit rather than that of the guy in the T-shirt. The guy in the suit must know whatís best.

_____ 8. Limited to stock on hand. Subject to prior sale.

_____ 9. After what I had to go through to join that club, Iím never gonna quit it.

_____ 10. Even though Iím not learning much, Iím going to a prestigious university that has a winning football team so I feel great! I feel like a winner, too.

A. Reciprocation
B. Liking
C. Conditioning and Association
D. Scarcity
E. Rejection then Retreat
F. Social Proof
G. Commitment and Consistency
H. Authority

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