Material Fallacy Quiz #4

Robert Harris
Version Date: June 15, 2000

Choose the single best answer in each case.

1. Well, if supermodel Kathy Ireland eats wheat germ every day to help make her beautiful, there must be something to it. Iím going to eat it, too.

a. individualism
b. ad populum
c. prestige
d. hasty generalization
e. acceptable/no fallacy

2. Here on the Home Spending Network we have sold more than 350,000 of these Karnie Slevens make-up kits, and weíre selling two hundred an hour right now. What other recommendation do you need?

a. begging the question
b. ignorance
c. ad populum
d. ad hominem
e. post hoc

3. Some doctors want to give tonsillectomies to every child with a sore throat, while other doctors donít want to give the surgery to any kid. I favor a practice between these extremes, and give the operation to about half the children with sore throats.

a. false compromise
b. post hoc
c. transference
d. false dilemma
e. acceptable/no fallacy

4. I would just point out that of the last twelve votes in the Senate to raise taxes, Senator Elmont has voted in favor each time. I think that's pretty strong evidence to indicate that Senator Elmont has certainly been willing to raise taxes.

a. hasty generalization
b. composition
c. genetic error
d. equivocation
e. acceptable/no fallacy

5. We sent a message into space that said, "Attention all alien creatures: If you receive this message, do not reply." Since we have had no reply, we must conclude that the alien creatures received the message.

a. hypostatization
b. ignorance
c. post hoc
d. begging the question
e. false analogy

6. You need Silver's Scratch Protect for your car. Did you know that it can cost up to $3,000 to repair a scratch on your paint?

a. contradictory premises
b. begging the question
c. division
d. missing range
e. non sequitur

7. Windows magazine says this toolbar program is one of the best utilities of the year.

a. self refutation
b. accident
c. false mean and extremes
d. hypostatization
e. begging the question

8. So are you going to support Freeble for president or are you going to let some inexperienced, unknown, professional politician from a smoke-filled room take over the country?

a. false compromise
b. false analogy
c. false dilemma
d. false mean and extremes
e. suggestio falsi

9. Yes, I know that Mitson submitted an alternate proposal, but considering his extremely modest intellectual gifts, it couldn't be worth much, and so I don't think we need waste any time on it.

a. ad hominem
b. ad baculum
c. pity
d. individualism
e. accident

10. When they select a casket for their departed loved one, most people choose this Waterseal Deluxe model here.

a. begging the question
b. ignorance
c. ad populum
d. ad hominem
e. post hoc

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