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Welcome to VirtualSalt, a site containing resources for learners of all kinds, and at all levels, from home schoolers, middle school, high school, college and university students, and people who want to find some useful information. The resources here are all free to use. I hope you'll browse around and find some useful ideas. And I hope you will come back often to see what is new.

VirtualSalt Publishing
This Web site is also home to the VirtualSalt Publishing imprint, which has published several of my (Robert Harris') books. Many are available in Kindle format as well as hard copy. Below are some of my currently available works, from VirtualSalt Publishing and from other publishers.

Read My Books
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The Million Dollar Girl is a novel set on a college campus and in Las Vegas, exploring the theme of what it means to be reasonable in a modern, postmodern, and sometimes insane environment. (By the way, I am not the British author of the same name who has written Enigma and a host of other novels.)

Marriage in a Nutshell contains more than 50 proverbs, Biblical and secular, about the marriage relationshiop. Each proverb is accompanied by a commentary. Many people have remarked that this is an excellent book for improving tense, conflicted marriages, as well as for tuning up happy marriages.

Seventy Stories and a Poem is a collection of short stories, some quite short. It's the perfect purse book, allowing you to read a brief story while waiting for the doctor, the flight, the train, your lunch partner, and so on. Why let that time waitnig go to waste when you can make it profitable and fun?

The Integration of Faith and Learning: A Worldview Approach is designed for Christian college students, to help them understand the contexts of the learning they will be engaging at a secular college or university.

Using Sources Effectively:
Strengthening Your Writing and Avoiding Plagiarism, 5th Ed., provides college students with guidelines that help them quote and refernce sources and that help them avoid plagiarism. This new, 5th edition has a wealth of added materials, including help with researching , evaluating sources, using rhetoric appropriately, and planning a paper. Also included is discussion about writing using sythesis techniques, to help the writer move from "quilt writing" that patches one quotation after another, to "tapestry writing," that focses on showing a dynamic interaction among sources, that advances "the great conversation." Using Sources Effectively 5th Ed. is my most successful textbook--successful sales, popularity with students, and satisfaction by faculty who have adopted it. If you write researched papers that include quotations or references to other writers' works, or if you teach such a course, give this book a serious look.

Glimmerings I and Glimmerings II are books of thoughts that I've had--my personal wisdom, so to speak. Glimmerings I includes my first 1000 ideas since I started writing them down at age 23, up through age 31. Glimmerings II presents the second 1000 ideas, through age 63.

Faithful Mind, Thoughtful Faith: Integrating Faith and Learning is my newest book on integration, offering practical, how to advice to faculty (and students) interested in faith-learning integration. Much has been written about this subject, but there has been little written about the practical, how-to of performing the process. This book is all about practical application.

The Life of Trester chronicles the suffering, delusions, and hallucinations of my brother, Trester, during his life. If you want to get a real feeling for what it's like to be tortured by schizophrenia, this book will show you.

Writing with Clarity and Style: Classical Rhetorical Devices for Contemporary Writers is now in its second edition. It is my most valued textbook, by students, teachers, and professional writers. If you want to make your writing more interesting and effective, this book is for you. Great for improving speeches as well as writing. Purchasers can download a free supplement, containing hundreds of Biblical examples of the devices described in the book.

What's New
The newest item is a set of Scriptures, questions, and prayers for an Advent Calendar, or in pdf here: Advent calendar.
New pages: I've added three articles on Parkinson's Disease, Ten Things Parkinson's Disease Has Taught Me, Three Things I Would Tell Someone Who Was Recently Diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease, and On the Benefits of Having Parkinson's Disease.
New game: The newest word game is Cross 3. Fun for all ages, with variations that will challenge everyone. WordCarom. Check it out. And the very latest games, Double Up word game and Axe a Word word game.
Thank you.

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