The Million Dollar Girl
A Novel

Robert Harris
Version Date: October 11, 2008


Here's a novel I wrote in 2002 when I had more time and energy than I do now. While the plot and subplot are serious, the novel features suspense and adventure, as well as humor. Okay, you made me say it--just like Shakespeare. I suppose this would be considered fiction rather than literature, although the book does have a bit of philosophy in it.

The descriptions of each chapter below are not in the original, but I thought I'd add a few teasers to peak your interest. No fair skipping forward, though.

I must say, it was enormously fun to write. I  hope you have as much fun reading it.
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Content rating: mild PG.

The characters and events in this work are entirely fictional. It's not about you.

Lastly, if you searched on "novel" and "Robert Harris" hoping to find something by or about that best-selling British writer, sorry to disappoint you. The name Robert Harris is as common as grass. I'm not the margarine advertiser, either, nor the San Diego, California murderer.

The Hook

Set on the quiet campus of a major American university and in the city of Las Vegas, The Million Dollar Girl is a story of contrasts. Many of the characters--including the professor of critical thinking, the shy student, and her strange and secretive roommate--all share the desire to reason their way through the very different challenges they face. But then, what does it mean to be reasonable, anyway?

The Chapters

Chapter 1: On thinking things through
Chapter 2: A knock on the door at 2:34 a.m.
Chapter 3: Meet the ballerina
Chapter 4: The value of reason
Chapter 5: Let's go shopping
Chapter 6: Where there's fire, there's smoke
Chapter 7: Las Vegas sounds lucky
Chapter 8: Something about a moth and a spiderweb
Chapter 9: The meaning of love and a girl of no adjectives
Chapter 10: A flight of fancy
Chapter 11: A suitable helper
Chapter 12: Everyone is making plans
Chapter 13: One actor narrowly misses death and another doesn't
Chapter 14: Cashing in on trade secrets
Chapter 15: In which two friends discuss eating largely at the banquet of life
Chapter 16: All that cash makes him feel like a winner
Chapter 17: One character sees her better self and the other refuses to eat bugs for breakfast
Chapter 18: Oopsie
Chapter 19: Barcodes and passion
Chapter 20: A lack of sympathy
Chapter 21: A criminal accusation
Chapter 22: Life on the network without a firewall
Chapter 23: Was it a dream, or just insanity?
Chapter 24: Pulling the trigger on the second barrel
Chapter 25: Just look inside
Chapter 26: A jump in the action
Chapter 27: Just some syrupy romantic talk
Chapter 28: Adrenaline, gossip, and the FBI
Chapter 29: Something about cookie dough

Bonus Materials

The Making of the Million Dollar Girl
Deleted Scenes

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