Study Fill-Ins
for Robert Cialdini's Influence: Science and Practice

Chapters 4 and 5
Robert Harris
Version Date: June 13, 2000

To see how carefully you have read and remember the book, fill in each blank with the appropriate answer.

1. By the principle of social proof, if we see others in a group performing a certain behavior, we are likely to view that behavior as ______________.

2. We are most likely to accept the actions of others as correct when the situation is _______ or ____________.

3. According to the "Werther effect," people imitate each other even in the area of _____________.

4. A danger of social proof is that the social evidence might have been purposely _________.

5. Social proof is most influential under two conditions, ____________ and _____________.

6. A ___________ effect occurs when one positive characteristic of a person dominates the way that person is viewed by others.

7. Our attitude toward something is influenced by the number of times we have been

___________________________in the past.

8. Hostility between the two groups of boys was reduced by ___________________________.

9. A method used to get suspects to confess to a "friend" is called _____________________.

10. The principle that makes manufacturers connect their products with popular culture is called _________________________.

11. When our public image is damaged, we will experience an increased desire to brag about our ties to ____________________________________________.

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