Multiple Choice Quiz #2
for Robert Cialdini's Influence: Science and Practice

Robert Harris
Version Date: June 27, 2000

In each case, choose the single best answer.

1. Which of the following is NOT an example of the use of the scarcity principle?

a. make him jealous
b. be the first on your block
c. limited time
d. while they last
e. 10% off only if you act now

2. The Milgram experiment was an investigation of which compliance technique?

a. social proof
b. reciprocity
c. liking
d. commitment
e. authority

3. Some studies have recently shown that ratings for TV shows make children want even more to see the shows rated as for mature audiences only. Similarly, it has been argued that R ratings for movies are really advertising come-ons to get young teenagers to want to see the movies. These factors are explained best by which compliance principle?

a. social proof
b. reciprocity
c. liking
d. scarcity
e. authority

4. Someone who promises you a lot to get you to make a decision and then delivers much less, knowing your decision is now firmly made, has used which compliance technique on you?

a. liking
b. rejection-then-retreat
c. low balling
d. reciprocity
e. monkey see, monkey do

5. Clubs or organizations that require much effort to get into often have very loyal members because of the operation of which compliance technique?

a. social proof
b. reciprocity
c. liking
d. commitment and consistency
e. authority

6. When a compliance professional attempts to create the sense of obligation in you by giving you a free gift, he is hoping to exploit the technique of

a. social proof
b. reciprocity
c. fear
d. authority
e. similarity

7. In negotiations, some people commonly ask for more than they expect to get because they want to exploit which compliance technique?

a. greed
b. liking
c. monkey see, monkey do
d. rejection-then-retreat
e. false dilemma

8. According to Cialdini, people who watch violence (like a boxing match) are more likely to

a. be purged of violent feelings
b. become violent themselves
c. avoid watching such violence in the future
d. write to their congressmen
e. spend more money than usual in the next few days.

9. All of the following influence our overall liking EXCEPT

a. physical attractiveness
b. similarity
c. praise
d. repeated contact
e. competition

10. John and Jane are just about to sign the papers on a $375,000 house when the salesman asks if they want to add the central air conditioning package for only $4,700. They agree, thinking how cheap that is, because they have been victimized by the principle of

a. reciprocation
b. authority
c. contrast
d. social proof
e. scarcity

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