Multiple Choice Quiz #3
for Robert Cialdini's Influence: Science and Practice

Robert Harris
Version Date: June 27, 2000

In each case, choose the single best answer.

1. The best example of lowballing would be

a. selling at a lower price than any competitor
b. stooping to a low personal insult
c. using words too simple for the sophistication of the audience
d. delivering less than was promised after a decision has been made
e. dribbling at knee level

2. According to Cialdini, to increase commitment on the part of a new member, initiation ceremonies should

a. be kept simple
b. be made easier
c. require effort
d. be eliminated altogether
e. not be videotaped

3. Jane asks her friend Tom, a guy good with tools, out to dinner. Halfway through she asks him, "By the way, would you mind looking at my car?" She is using the compliance technique

a. commitment
b. consistency
c. scarcity
d. authority
e. reciprocation

4. Some new terrible movie comes out, depicting pastors and missionaries as greedy, lustful hypocrites. Your friends want you to join them in marching on the studio in protest. You tell them that such a move would backfire because of the principle of

a. authority
b. liking
c. social proof
d. psychological reactance
e. the Werther effect

5. Girls were hired to faint when Frank Sinatra sang in order to invoke the power of the principle of

a. fixed-action patterns
b. judgmental heuristics
c. reciprocation
d. social proof
e. liking

6. Con artists commonly wear lifts in their shoes because

a. they want to see over the heads of others
b. there is an association between height and status
c. most con artists are short
d. they hide drugs in the lifts
e. they need to be able to run away quickly if someone catches on to them

7. In the Milgram study, subjects were given

a. electric shocks
b. compliments
c. vocabulary tests
d. cigarettes when they signed a confession
e. a broken water pipe to fix

8. The sale sign, "Only Three Days Left!" is an attempt to use the compliance principle of

a. liking
b. authority
c. scarcity
d. commitment
e. rejection then retreat

9. A life-sized cardboard photograph of a policeman is placed near a street corner where illegal drug sales have been a problem, and the sales diminish remarkably. This even shows the effectiveness of which compliance technique?

a. liking
b. authority
c. scarcity
d. commitment
e. social proof

10. Price packing occurs when a car dealer adds to the sticker price of a car, either by adding features (Pinstriping…$399) or simply "ADMU" ("additional dealer mark up"). Suppose you visit a car dealer where an extra $2500 has been added to the sticker price. The salesman tells you that the vehicle is so popular that the price is great as is, and there can be no discount. As you begin to walk away, he says, "I'll tell you what. I may get in trouble with my boss, but I guess I can give you a thousand dollars off." The principle being used here is

a. liking
b. authority
c. social proof
d. commitment
e. rejection then retreat

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