Fallacies of Language Quiz #2

Robert Harris
Version Date: June 15, 2000

Choose the correct answer in each case.

1. The following headlines exhibit what fallacy?

"Threatened by gun, employees testify"
"Baseball talks in 9th inning"
"Potential witness to murder drunk"
a. vicious abstraction
b. false analogy
c. missing range
d. amphibology
e. division

2. A statement taken out of context or otherwise misquoted often commits the fallacy of

a. false dilemma
b. self refutation
c. division
d. ignorance
e. vicious abstraction

3. A statement that may be literally true but which seems to imply something beyond it (which is false) commits the fallacy of

a. accent
b. transference
c. suppressed quantification
d. post hoc
e. begging the question

4. Historians have long held that history should be rewritten to fit the world view and values of each new generation, since history is really just an interpretation of past events.

a. individualism
b. transference
c. suppressed quantification
d. misplaced authority
e. hypostatization

5. Edwin Jenkins has called the book "a stinking mass of fetid putridity, whose base and idiotic dogmas extend the realm of ignorance and prejudice to frightening new extremes."

a. post hoc
b. ad hominem
c. composition
d. false analogy
e. emotive language

6. You'll be really lucky if you can enjoy a meal at Pierre's Restaurant.

a. tu quoque
b. post hoc
c. amphibology
d. ad hominem
e. false dilemma

7. In the modern workplace, employees are working less hard than ever.

a. false analogy
b. suppressed quantification
c. pity
d. hasty generalization
e. ignorance

8. This necklace has the look of pure, genuine, 24K gold!

a. weasel words
b. composition
c. division
d. vicious abstraction
e. suppressed quantification

9. You wonder which of us to vote for? All I can say is that, at least I have remained faithful to my wife.

a. equivocation
b. amphibology
c. weasel words
d. accent
e. division

10. I wanted to improve the performance of my car and make it go faster, so when I needed a new transmission, I got the same transmission that is used in the fastest car on the road.

a. equivocation
b. amphibology
c. weasel words
d. accent
e. division

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