Paper #2: Report on the Integration of Faith and Learning

Robert Harris
Version Date: October 21, 2000

Description. This report, based on a reading of J.P. Moreland's Love Your God with All Your Mind, has two different but related parts. Therefore, there are two sections to the report: a review and an application.

Method. For the first section of the report, write an overall evaluation of the book, assessing what value you believe it has. Include the following ideas:

Take a minimum of 300 words for this section.

For the second section, explain what you see as your own integration of mind, reason, learning, or intellect with your personal faith. Explain how the two connect, work together, or function. Has your understanding of this integration changed as a result of reading the Moreland book or of doing other recent reading and thinking? Use references or quotations to the Moreland book, the Bible, the article on "Integration of Faith and Learning" or elsewhere as appropriate for support or explanation.

Take a minimum of 300 words for this section.

Presentation Format. The paper must be at least 600 words (about two pages, double-spaced), in a 12-point serif font (such as Times Roman). You may take more space if needed. You do not need a title page, but do provide a clear title.

Use the "Word Count" function in Microsoft Word to count the words in the paper. Include this number at the end of the paper. Because these sections are so brief, be sure to keep any introductory and conclusionary material to a very small amount. Taking a draft to the Writing Center is highly recommended. Be sure that your grammar and mechanics are correct.

(50 points)

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