Material Fallacy Quiz #2

Robert Harris
Version Date: June 15, 2000

Choose the single best answer in each case.

1. In this era of relativism, no generalization is now true. Absolutes can no longer be said to exist and all assertions about truth are mere opinions, to be accepted or rejected at will.

a. individualism
b. emotive language
c. accident
d. self refutation
e. hasty generalization

2. "The trouble with you is that you see everything as a fallacy--you're guilty of fallacy frenzy." "Me? You're the one who's always accusing others of using fallacies. You do it more than I do."

a. suppressed quantification
b. tu quoque
c. false analogy
d. accident
e. post hoc

3. You're the 1990's person: alive, aware, a real expert in trendy, modern fashion. And that's why you choose Down-N-Dirty, the ripped jeans smeared in waste paint. $90 a pair.

a. hasty generalization
b. amphibology
c. begging the question
d. missing range
e. individualism

4. Itís true that my client was drunk when he crashed into the telephone pole, but look: his car was destroyed and he was severely injured. He has been in the hospital for months, unable to support his wife and children. And he will most likely be permanently injured. Donít you think he deserves some compensation for his pain and suffering? Iím asking you of the jury to help him with a judgment against the power company for putting that pole so close to the street.

a. false analogy
b. suppressed quantification
c. pity
d. hasty generalization
e. ignorance

5. You have not a shred of evidence that these crop circles were made by humans: no footprints, car tracks, or other evidence. That proves that they were made by extraterrestrials, just as I have been saying.

a. causal reduction
b. accident
c. a pari
d. ignorance
e. valid

6. It doesnít seem that there is any room for debate here. Either we start selling cigarettes to boost our profit margin or we drift into bankruptcy when we canít pay our bills. Which choice do you want?

a. false compromise
b. false analogy
c. false dilemma
d. false mean and extremes
e. tu quoque

7. If you had all the marbles in existence in one room and you opened the door to another room and found twice as many marbles as in the first room, how many marbles would you have?

a. contrary to fact error
b. reductive assertion
c. unacceptable enthymeme
d. contradictory premises
e. none; youíd lose all your marbles

8. I think we should fire all 2,000 employees before they are eligible for retirement and use their retirement funds to build the company. Itís just like being faced with an overgrown forest. You cut down the excess trees and use the lumber to build houses for the needy. Itís just good management.

a. individualism
b. irrelevance
c. self refutation
d. faulty analogy
e. acceptable/no fallacy

9. This letter has been brought to you for good luck and happiness. Make 20 copies of it and send it to your best friends. Joe Thompson didnít make twenty copies of this letter, and he was run over by a cement truck three days later. Jane Freen forgot about the letter, didnít make the copies, and got cancer that keeps her racked with agonizing pain. Ted Jones sent only ten copies and he fell off his horse and broke his left arm and left leg. Send the luck to your friends. But do it within 24 hours. Sally Blort didnít send the letters and a mad elephant escaped from the zoo, charged through her house, and killed her favorite pet goldfish. Sally was so frightened that all her hair and teeth fell out and she itches a lot now.

a. prestige
b. begging the question
c. force/fear
d. self refutation
e. acceptable/no fallacy

10. Those who are fully informed about this issue recognize immediately why the Neo Plan is the best. Since Miss Turkle doesnít like the Neo Plan, she must not be fully informed about the issue.

a. accident
b. begging the question
c. ad populum
d. tu quoque
e. acceptable/no fallacy

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