Material Fallacy Quiz #3

Robert Harris
Version Date: June 15, 2000

Choose the single best answer in each case.

1. Youíre ordering tangerine-mango juice? Did you know that flavor was invented by a communist? And that it is the most popular flavor in prisons?

a. self refutation
b. force/fear
c. irrelevance
d. hypostatization
e. acceptable/no fallacy

2. You seem like the kind of person who can recognize quality, someone who needs a better product than the ordinary person buys. You're someone who deserves the best.

a. cum hoc
b. ad populum
c. vicious abstraction
d. accent
e. individualism

3. Hereís how you should live if you want to be happy: Donít believe anything you hear or read. Take no advice. Live by your feelings, not by rules. Donít waste your time looking for truth because there is no such thing.

a. self refutation
b. amphibology
c. accident
d. accent
e. acceptable/no fallacy

4. Did you ever stop making up flimsy excuses for your foolish behavior?

a. false dilemma
b. compound questions
c. vicious abstraction
d. accent
e. ignorance

5. What do you mean I should obey the "No filming" sign? There are security cameras all over Walterland filming the guests on the rides. If they can film me, then I can film them.

a. post hoc
b. prestige
c. tu quoque
d. ad populum
e. vicious abstraction

6. You have no grounds to object to my proposal for cleaning water by using cactus pulp filtration. You admit that you cannot show any evidence against it. If there is no evidence against the process, then, it clearly must work.

a. ignorance
b. irrelevance
c. transference
d. division
e. acceptable/no fallacy

7. Yes, you read it right: FairYear tires are on sale for as little as $27.95!

a. compound questions
b. ignorance
c. hasty generalization
d. missing range
e. acceptable/no fallacy

8. The prosecution is going to bring a string of liars, perverts, and punk kids with earrings to testify against my client. But you will know what their testimony is worth when you take just one look at them.

a. ad populum
b. composition
c. pity
d. ad hominem
e. acceptable/no fallacy

9. If Michael Dukakis had been a foot taller, he would have won the presidential election against George Bush in 1988.

a. begging the question
b. contrary to fact
c. post hoc
d. equivocation
e. acceptable/no fallacy

10. New Hot Lust cologne makes any man irresistible to every woman.

a. dicto simpliciter
b. suppressed quantification
c. transference
d. vicious abstraction
e. acceptable/no fallacy

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