Study Guide for Test #2

Robert Harris
Version Date: October 24, 2000

Note: This guide is not guaranteed to contain a complete list of everything that may be on the test. You are responsible for reading and learning all the concepts and skills assigned on the syllabus readings and discussed in class. This guide will help you substantially, but you should still review your class notes, reading notes, and the readings themselves.

For each concept below, you should be able to define it and identify it as used in a context. Some questions will ask you to apply your knowledge of these concepts.

The test will contain approximately 50 multiple-choice questions. Bring a Scantron 882 and pencil to the test.

Love Your God with All Your Mind

Integration article Induction and Deduction Fallacies of Induction The above sections will be covered by approximately one question per item listed, for a total of about 25 or 26 questions.

Hypothetical Syllogisms

There will be approximately 24 hypothetical syllogisms, including a dozen conditional, and six each disjunctive and conjunctive.

Remember that you may use a one-page, one-sided sheet of notes containing any material you wish in any font size or hand printed as you wish. Keep a copy because you will turn in the notes page with your test.

Indicators of conditional syllogism: if, when, whenever, on the condition that, should that occur, etc.
Indicators of disjunctive: either, or, the only possibilities are this and that, must be one of these, etc.
Indicators of conjunctive: cannot both be, impossible for it to be both, cannot occur at the same time, mutually exclusive, etc.
Indicators of operator: because, since, for the reason that, the reason is, etc.
Indicators of conclusion: so, thus, therefore, we can conclude, as a result, as a consequence, it follows that, etc.

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