Writing with Clarity and Style: 
A Guide to Rhetorical Devices for Contemporary Writers

Robert A. Harris
March 23, 2012

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Writing with Clarity and Style: A Guide to Rhetorical Devices for Contemporary Writers
Robert A. Harris
Los Angeles: Pyrczak Publishing, 2003
ISBN 1-884585-48-5. 182 pp., paper.

One of the most in-depth collections of its kind, this book has been carefully designed to teach you how to use 60 rhetorical devices, which are profusely illustrated with more than 390 examples. This is a writer's learning tool--not a handbook. (See below for complete table of contents.)

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Writing With Clarity and Style: A Guide to Rhetorical Devices for Contemporary Writers

Writing with Clarity and Style
Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Balance
1.1 Parallelism
1.2 Chiasmus
1.3 Antithesis
Style Check 1: Rhythm

Chapter 2: Emphasis I
2.1 Climax
2.2 Asyndeton
2.3 Polysyndeton
2.4 Expletive
Style Check 2: Demetrius on Beginning and Ending Stress

Chapter 3: Emphasis II
3.1 Irony
3.2 Understatement
3.3 Litotes
3.4 Hyperbole
Style Check 3: Emphatic Positioning

Chapter 4: Transition
4.1 Metabasis
4.2 Procatalepsis
4.3 Hypophora
Style Check 4: Transitions of Logic

Chapter 5: Clarity
5.1 Distinctio
5.2 Exemplum
5.3 Amplification
5.4 Metanoia
Style Check 5: Clear versus Opaque Writing

Chapter 6: Figurative Language I
6.1 Simile
6.2 Analogy
6.3 Metaphor
6.4 Catachresis
Style Check 6: Demetrius on Metaphor

Chapter 7: Figurative Language II
7.1 Metonymy
7.2 Synecdoche
7.3 Personification
Style Check 7: Freshness

Chapter 8: Figurative Language III
8.1 Allusion
8.2 Eponym
8.3 Apostrophe
8.4 Transferred Epithet
Style Check 8: Persona

Chapter 9: Syntax I
9.1 Zeugma
9.2 Diazeugma
9.3 Prozeugma
9.4 Mesozeugma
9.5 Hypozeugma
9.6 Syllepsis
Style Check 9: Cumulative and Periodic Sentences

Chapter 10: Syntax II
10.1 Hyperbaton
10.2 Anastrophe
10.3 Appositive
10.4 Parenthesis
Style Check 10: Parataxis and Hypotaxis

Chapter 11: Restatement I
11.1 Anaphora
11.2 Epistrophe
11.3 Symploce
Style Check 11: Demetrius on Short Sentences for Emphasis

Chapter 12: Restatement II
12.1 Anadiplosis
12.2 Conduplicatio
12.3 Epanalepsis
Style Check 12: Style

Chapter 13: Restatement III
13.1 Diacope
13.2 Epizeuxis
13.3 Antimetabole
13.4 Scesis Onomaton
Style Check 13: Demetrius on Increasing Vividness

Chapter 14: Sound
14.1 Alliteration
14.2 Onomatopoeia
14.3 Assonance
14.4 Consonance
Style Check 14: Texture

Chapter 15: Drama
15.1 Rhetorical Question
15.2 Aporia
15.3 Apophasis
15.4 Anacoluthon
Style Check 15: The Levels of Style

Chapter 16: Word Play
16.1 Oxymoron
16.2 Pun
16.3 Anthimeria
Style Check 16: Tone

Appendix A: Rhetoric in Context I--Newspaper Editorial
Appendix B: Rhetoric in Context II--Business Memorandum
Appendix C: Rhetoric in Context III--Social Worker's Report About a Client
Appendix D: Rhetoric in Context IV--Graduate School Application Essay
Appendix E: Rhetoric in Context V--Short Story
Appendix F: Winston Churchill--A Speaker's Rhetoric

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